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Opal Moonbaby and the Best Friend Project was shortlisted for the Lancashire Fantastic Book Award. The Cake, the Wolf and the Witch - was shortlisted for the Peters Book Award and the Hull Children's Book Award. (All in the junior fiction category)

5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2)


As a performer with years of children's theatre experience, I like to make my events engaging, dramatic, varied and fun. I have a BA in Drama (Bristol University) and, more recently, an MA in Writing for Young People (Distinction) from Bath Spa University.

My presentation is lively and interactive and usually includes a Spot the Story quiz, a Lucky Dip from the Magic Book Bin, writing tips and Q&A. It can be adapted to suit Reception and KS1 children, or KS2 children, or whole primary schools. My workshops for KS2 children, always involve some dressing up or drawing activity, as well as lots of enjoyable and very creative writing. Using the themes of my books as story starters we invent our own fantasy animals and put ourselves into stories with them, or gather and develop essential story ingredients such as character and setting.

I am passionate about bringing books into children's domain and hope to inspire them to read all kinds of books (not just my own!) I am one of the author team behind the Bradford on Avon Mini Book Festival (BOAMBF) which takes place in my local library and coincides with the start of the Summer Reading Challenge.

I'm based near Bath but welcome any bookings which are practical.To find out more, please contact me on the email above, or check out the  events pages on my website.

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May 2017 Oakhurst First School, Dorset. Thank you so much for the day. I have had all positive feedback from the staff and children; they all thoroughly enjoyed it and felt inspired. It was great that you highlighted how you used to find writing tricky, especially the mechanics , but are now a successful author. It gave hope to so many when the new curriculum is so demanding in terms of the 'mechanics'. I had one little boy in my class who has nagged constantly about doing his writing since your visit; he saw the Bank Holiday as a great inconvenience! Thankfully we were able to complete the task today with a mixture of the scarecrow you began with us and a Milly & the Mermaid style adventure for him to go into. Even some of my more challenging children had their hands up to share their brilliant ideas for the stories.Thank you once again for giving us all such a memorable day and inspiring the writers in our children.

Just wanted to let you know how much Keevil School enjoyed your visit on World Book Day 2017. All members of staff came to me on Friday and thanked me for organising it and said how much fun they and their classes had. You really made the day ALL about books - rather than just dressing up!! I know lots of children in my class are really enjoying/have enjoyed your books and are inspired to read more! Couldn't ask for more really!

 Thank you so much for coming to talk about Opal Moonbaby. Our Year 4 class were so captivated after meeting you earlier in the year that their friends in the other class were determined not to miss out. The children, teachers and adults loved your talks. Inspirational, amazing and fab were just some of the adjectives they used to describe your sessions. Mrs Foster tore up her homework plan and has sent her class home to design their own mingles! (St Stephens School, Bath)

Thanks for such a wonderful day. It was a real treat and the staff were thrilled with what you shared with the children. I have loads of teaching ideas now too- you've inspired me! (Monkton Combe Prep School)

Maudie Smith is an excellent visiting author! Her talks at Widcombe Junior School, St Martin's Garden Primary and Bath Central Library were all great fun (in addition to being well-planned and well-timed). Maudie's key talent is an ability to engage with her audience, while her background in theatre means that readings from her books are expressive and highly entertaining. The Opal Moonbaby books have been very popular in school and have definitely encouraged children into the library.

On behalf of us all at Freshford Pre School, a HUGE thank you. We were thrilled with the attendance and people's feedback. Everyone had a wonderful morning and they were very complimentary about your storytelling and books!



I write funny books with adventure, fantasy, friendship and lots of heart. Junior fiction, early reader chapter books, and picture books.
The Cake, the Wolf, and the Witch (isbn:9781444015607)
Max is not your obvious hero. Will he and his new stepsister Nettle be able to defeat wicked witch, Babs Haggard and bring the happy endings back to the Land of Ever After?
View in Amazon
The Dressing-up Dad (isbn:978-0192749796)
Danny loves dressing up. So does Danny's dad. But Danny's dad is so enthusiastic. Sometimes he goes just a little bit too far...
View in Amazon
Bird Girl (isbn:978-1444015621)
Finch Field goes to visit her beloved Granny and Sunview-on-Sea andfinds herself at the centre of an ever so slightly spooky seaside mystery. Fantasy Friendship and Dreams.
View in Amazon
Opal Moonbaby and the Best Friend Project (isbn:9781444015805)
First of the Opal Moonbaby books. Martha has promised never to make another friend but aliens like Opal Moonbaby are very difficult to say no to.
View in Amazon
Opal Moonbaby and the Out of this World Adventure (isbn:9781444015829)
Opal goes to school and Martha makes it her job to protect her alien identity and keep her away from the steely glare of Mrs Underedge
View in Amazon
Opal Moonbaby and the Summer Secret (isbn:9781444015843)
It's Opal's last summer on Earth so Martha can't believe it when Mum and her new boyfriend whisk her away from Opal just for a stupid camping holiday in rainy Wales.
View in Amazon
Milly and the Mermaids (isbn:9781444009224)
Picture book illustrated by Antonia Woodward. Seashells, wishes, whispering seas and finally...mermaids!
View in Amazon
Owen and the Onion (isbn:9781444014235)
Early Reader. When one of Owen's onions grows extremely large, other things start to get out of hand too, including a very grumpy ogre.
View in Amazon
All the King's Tights (isbn:9781444014259)
Early Reader (pub June 16) Kit takes his new job as Keeper of the King's Tights very seriously but then he finds some other valuable uses for the tights and soon he's in a right tangle.
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