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Adults, 5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2)


I'm Dan Metcalf and I write books! I love writing for children and enjoy visiting schools and festivals where I perform fun, interactive and inspirational talks about reading, codes, creative writing and books.

I've been up and down the country in my effort to spread the word about literacy and creative writing. I've spoken at festivals including Appledore, Glasgow's Wee Write, Winchester and the International Agatha Christie Festival!

My series The Lottie Lipton Adventures combine adventure stories, puzzles, maths and history, and feature Lottie, a plucky, intelligent ameteur detective. The books are loved by both boys and girls who love the setting of 1920s London and the mix of historical facts and clever codes. Tecahers tend to like them for their curriculum content, including Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Incas.

As a former librarian I am very used to going into classes and spreading the word about literature. I am passionate about reading and love to talk about children's favourite authors (even if it's not me!).

I have also written publications under different names, including the Maisie Mae series and Robot Races.

Fresh titles for 2017 are the sci-fi adventure Jamie Jones - Galaxy Defender (Aged Eight and a Half) for newly confident readers (All Stars, OUP) and Codebusters (Black Cats, Bloomsbury). The latter is an adventure featuring Jax, a maths prodigy who is pulled into a crime investigation by his new school's secret codebreaking circle.

I blog once a month for the Scattered Authors' Society website, 'An Awfully Big Blog Adventure' (ABBA), and guest post elsewhere when asked! I've been interviewed and have written for national and local magazines and newspapers, and have also appeared on radio. Feel free to contact me for similar work.

Please contact me for details of availability and pop along to my website at danmetcalf.co.uk where you can download freebies and more details of visits.

The Catacombs of Chaos (isbn:9781472927552)
Lottie has lived in the British Museum all her life - she thought she knew it like the back of her hand! But when she finds herself locked in a secret tunnel deep beneath the museum she starts to worry that she might never escape...
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The Secrets of the Stone (isbn:978-1472911841)
After a late night break-in at the British Museum, Lottie, Great Uncle Bert and Reg the caretaker discover a mysterious clue on the Rosetta Stone that will lead them to the legendary Trident of Neptune.
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The Eagle of Rome (isbn:9781472927583)
Can Lottie and her friends break the code and find the legendary Ninth Legion's Golden Eagle before a ruthless treasure hunter gets her hands on it?
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The Scroll of Alexandria (isbn:9781472911872)
Lottie's beloved library is in danger! Can Lottie follow the clues and track down the missing scroll of Alexandria before it's too late?
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The Egyptian Enchantment (isbn:9781472911902)
Lottie loves helping her Great Uncle Bert with his new exhibits at the British Museum. But when she reads a magic spell that brings to life twenty mischievous Egyptian shabtis, the museum ends up in a complete mess!
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The Curse of the Cairo Cat (isbn:9781472911780)
Welcome to the British Museum, home to Lottie Lipton: nine-year-old investigator extraordinaire! Lottie loves living in the museum with Great Uncle Bert but, when the Golden Cat of Cairo disappears at the launch of a new exhibition, Lottie's home is
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