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Shortlisted for Stockport Book Factor and NSTBA 2017. Currently shortlisted for Surrey Libraries Award 2018, longlisted for UKLA 2018 and nominated for CILIP Carnegie 2018

5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2)




I am currently offering talks for Years 1 - 3 alongside my wonderful helper in the shape of a life-size polar bear plus his suitcase of important possessions! Happy to work with audience of any size. My presentation includes:-                               

Talk (approx 45 minutes): An energetic and interactive presentation with slide show and plenty of opportunity for students to get involved, followed by Q and A.  

Book signing (following talk): A great chance for a few moments of one-to-one between student and writer. Mister P likes to sign too!

The presentation is an energetic romp through the world of Mister P including short video, photos and illustrations, activities for students, readings and dramatisation.

We discover a mass of interesting facts about polar bears and find out just how hard it would be to have a large polar bear arrive at your house or school.

We talk about the important role Mister P plays in helping children to navigate some of the trickier aspects of life, encouraging inclusivity and empathy.

We explore non-verbal communication: Mister P is a real bear. He doesn't speak or think in human. So how do we communicate with animals and people with whom we don't share the same language? And what do we learn about each other from non-verbal communication?

And we chat about how to make our writing better. My editor is  stricter than the STRICTEST teacher but she makes my writing the best it can be: A great way of helping young children to understand the process of writing and an insight into the thrills and spills of what it is like to be an author. 

Reviews for Me and Mister P

"A hugely appealing story about a polar bear who unexpectedly comes to stay. A fresh and funny story of family and friendship." The Bookseller

"Mister P joins Paddington in being one of the world's most entertaining and heart-warming literary bears." The Bookbag 

"Mister P joins Paddington in being one of the world's most entertaining and heart-warming literary bears." The Bookbag

"This is such a special story, relishing how wer are all different It's filled with empahty and compassion, while making us roar with laughter. Tamsin Cooke, author

"This is a beautifully written story about brotherly love, sacrifice and the power of a polar bear to provide insight and patience. It is a well-balanced book, containing both humour and thought-provoking moments. The perfect guided reading book for KS2 classes and highly recommended to young carers or siblings struggling to cope with the responsibility of supporting a family member with additional needs. I'd award a gold star and a tin of sardines!" North Somerset Teachers' Book Awards





Me and Mister P (isbn:9780192744210)
All Arthur wants is a normal family, not a family where his embarrassing brother gets ALL the attention. Until a the world's most helpful(ish) polar bear turns up at the door and decides to stay. Then everything chan MGges.
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A Flash of Blue (isbn:9781407138176)
When Amber took something that wasn't hers, she never expected anyone to die. Struggling with guilt and grief, she turns to her brother's best friend. But that's when the trouble really starts. YA
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Broken Strings (isbn:9781407138169)
An ambitious, struggling young musician runs away from home to live with her estranged grandmother. But nothing is quite as it seems as she slowly uncovers layer upon layer of tragic family secrets. YA
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Santa's Aussie Holiday (isbn:9781741690187)
After all his hard work, Father Christmas needs a holiday of his own - in Australia. Picture book.
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Santa's Kiwi Holiday (isbn:1869437063)
After a busy Christmas, Santa thinks he needs a holiday and New Zealand is the perfect place. Picture book.
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