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In ‘No More Champagne: Churchill and his Money’ David Lough tells  the fascinating story of Churchill’s lifetime of tangled personal finances.  Meticulously researched, the story reveals for the first time the full extent of the iconic British war leader’s private struggle to maintain a way of life instilled by his upbringing and expected of his public position. 

David Lough uses Churchill’s own most private records, many never researched before, to chronicle his family’s chronic shortage of money, his own extravagance and his recurring losses from gambling or trading in shares and currencies.  Churchill tried to keep himself afloat by borrowing to the hilt, putting off bills and writing ‘all over the place’; when all else failed, he had to ask family or friends to come to the rescue.  This they did on no fewer than six occasions unearthed by the author, the last when Churchill became Prime Minister in 1940.  Yet within five years he had taken advantage of his worldwide celebrity to transform his private fortunes with the same ruthlessness as he waged war, reaching 1945 with today’s equivalent of £4 million in the bank.  His lucrative war memoirs were still to come.   

David Lough is an experienced speaker to many different types of audience at events as varied as parties, dinners, conferences or lectures. He can speak generically on all British prime minsters and their often tangled financial affairs; or more specifically on many different aspects of the private Churchill – e.g. his early days and self-education; on the origins and progress of his writing; on his fortunes in the First or Second World war; about his losses in the Wall Street crash of 1929; about his gambling; about his highly dubious tax affairs; or, more conventionally, about his leadership in the Second World war and what was going on behind the scenes.

Throughout, David Lough entertains and fascinates with stories highlighting the threads of risk, energy, persuasion and sheer  willpower that link Churchill’s private and public lives.  He shows how constant money pressures often tempted him to short-circuit the ethical standards expected of public figures in his day before usually pulling back to put duty first - except where the taxman was involved. 

No More Champagne: Churchill and His Money (isbn:9781784081812)
The first fully-researched narrative of Winston Churchill's chaotic private finances and business affairs
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