Ian Billings

Children's author, Author/Illustrator, Poet, Scriptwriter

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Website: http://www.ianbillings.com


One length front crawl and a Masters Degree in Playwriting

5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2), 11-13 (Key stage 3)




International stand-up comic for kids

Children’s author, poet and TV writer

3000 schools visited in UK and abroad - Egypt, Switzerland, Qatar, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Jordan, Uganda, Kenya, UAE, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and Brunei.

Over 500 kids stand-up gigs

50 professional stage shows written

8 publications prose/poetry

Strong fan base and growing

CBBC writer for "ChuckleVision"

Theatre director and Playwright in TIE and Children's Theatre



“Best thing I’ve seen in this school in thirty years!” 

Iain Blaxall, teacher, Norwich School, England

“It was brilliant - the kids were captivated.” –

Megan King, St.Andrews School, Bangkok, Thailand

"My son, who is nearly 10, thought you were amazing and wants to be just like you when he grows up. So there you go, not only do you have a fan, you are now officially a role model :-) Thank you!" –

Tara Diamond, Weston All Saints Primary School, Bath, England

“Students thoroughly enjoyed the introductory assembly, in case you could not tell by all the laughter, as well as the small workshops. The students walked away from the workshops inspired and excited, which is always the sign of a great lesson.” -

Catherine F. Porterfield, The International Academy, Amman, Jordan.

"An inspiring children's comedian and author." -

Claire Hele, Ipswich High School for Girls, England

"Hugely entertaining and extremely popular!" -

Riva Barnard, Edge Hill Junior School, England

“The children were incredibly motivated and inspired by your performance and workshop and as a result there has been a big shift in the enthusiasm for writing particularly the boys. Some have sent up a lunchtime writing club. There was great amusement regarding the workshop and children were excited to see that writing can be such fun! As a school we can only watch as the impact of this unfolds! Many thanks for a very inspiration and unconventional approach to writing.”

Mrs.Carter Seabrooke Primary School, Kent, England

“The students are still talking about it and we all went to work to develop interesting characters and settings in order to publish some interesting stories.

I personally noticed an improvement in several students’ writing due to the details they included. This they remembered from you and I thank you.” –

Mimi Attia, Le Rosey, Rolle, Switzerland

“The pupils you worked with during the day were so inspired by you that they still have not stopped talking about it. Parents, governors and pupils laughed all the way through your performance. The friends of the school have asked if we could book you to come every year as they were so impressed.”

Karen Foster, William Stukeley School, Lincolnshire, England

“I enjoyed this session and found it very insightful. Creative and fun! Very useful to see how to build ideas without using words and engaging imagination. Unmissable and informative. As a YL teacher I got some useful tips. Only downside was lack of time!”

Jill Davidson Teaching Centre & ELT Projects, British Council, Jabal Amman, Jordan

“Ian Billings is an author with a difference - he has a rare talent to entertain too. At the recent awards ceremony for the Warwickshire Secondary Book Award Ian not only expertly chaired discussion with two authors - Sophie Mckenzie and Emma Clayton - but had an auditorium full of Year 7 pupils in stitches, only pausing to catch his next gem in a stream of hilarious and fresh stand-up gags. ". -
Stella Thebridge
Manager, Warwickshire Schools Library Service, England

“Everybody - children, teachers and non-teaching staff, thoroughly enjoyed your workshops throughout the day and particularly your hilarious show. The children were so enthused by you and you really got across the message that reading and writing can be fun. We look forward to welcoming you to our school again sometime in the future. “
Darryl Evans, Llangewydd Junior School, Wales









'SNOT MONSTER" (isbn:978-1518836428)
Imagine a secret science experiment. Very secret. Very sciency. Should be perfectly safe, right? Right? Now, imagine a ghoul school in crisis. It's just like your school, only a bit more ghoulish. Well, a lot more ghoulish, but it still has students
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"BORN TO GIGGLE" (isbn:978-1841871295)
Born to Giggle! is a chuckle-stuffed collection from some of the best kid's poets EVER, EVER! Poems to make you guffaw! Poems to make you laugh! Poems to make you snort! Poems to make you snigger! Poems to make you howl! Poems to make you chortle! An
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"CHICKENS IN ART" (isbn:978-1523989065)
The greatest painting in Chicken Art now yours to colour!
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"CORGI and the Pursuit of the Prince's Pants" (isbn:978-1783225569)
An unassuming dog kennel on top of Buckingham Palace is home to C.O.R.G.I. by day, simply pets yapping at Her Majesty s heels, but by night, a keen-eyed, wet-nosed pack of highly trained canine agents. Each member a specialist in his or her field (or
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100% Unofficial Parody Exclusive report on the shocking truth!!!! Exposed!! The final truth behind Ronald Daft's best-selling book. Join Spike Peecee, Victoria Scab, Orson Ploop, Viola Mudguard, Marley Suckett and, of course, Billy Plonka in Ian Bi
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"THE JUMBLE BOOK" (isbn:0330468650)
Poetry for children with dyslexia
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"LET'S RECYCLE GRANDAD" (isbn:9780713688511)
A collection of brilliant new and recycled poems
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"MERMAID STORIES" (isbn:0330454064)
A book of stories about mermaids (splosh!)
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"BALLERINA STORIES" (isbn:0330452738)
Among the gems featured in this gorgeously graceful collection is Ian Billings' "Bunty the Walrus"!
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"PIRATE STORIES" (isbn:9780330451482)
A swashbuckling collection of piratical tales from some of the country's top authors
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"DON'T DIS MISS!" (isbn:1-905637-11-X)
My collection of chucklesome poems for kids!
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My second children's book from macmillan
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The first book about my pirate detective from Macmillan 2003
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Writers Guild of Great Britain, Equity, Society of Authors, NAWE

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