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Us Minus Mum was long listed for Carnegie Medal & won the 7-11 highly commended award from UK Literacy Association
Short listed for New Horizons (Dorset librarians) and Burgess Hill Best Book Awards

Adults, 5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2), 11-13 (Key stage 3), 6th Form and college


My debut novel, Us Minus Mum was long listed for the Carnegie Medal and awarded 'highly commended' at the UKLiteracy Awards and The Milkshake Detectives followed in 2015. 

Before this I had over 30 books published, laterly writing educational resource material for teachers. I've spoken on BBC's Woman's Hour, led workshops at national conferences for librarians and the National Association of Writers in Education, worked in schools in Poland, Croatia and Florida and taught (part-time) in UK primary schools for over 30 years.

I've been writer-in-residence in several schools including a Creative Partnerships employment in Tower Hamlets where 97% of the children spoke English as a second language. My education degree specialised in teaching children with special needs and I've not lost the passion to help all children achieve their best.

During a visit, children assemble in the hall - if a primary school, KS2 first for 45 minutes, then KS1 for half an hour. I make up a story with children voting on the plot line. This is a very interactive session with top tips for writing dropped into the mix.

Children return to class bases to create their own stories. I then lead class workshops talking about how I write, where I get ideas from and answer questions.

Check out www.heatherbutler.info for further details. 

I'll visit anywhere in the UK or abroad. I love meeting new people and helping children write better stories. 

I have written over 30 books including Us Minus Mum, The Milkshake Detectives and Helping Children Think About Beavement
Us Minus Mum (isbn:9780349124070)
George and Theo's Mum is brilliant, but she's ill and the boys have to keep her smiling. This is both a sad and funny book.
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The Milkshake Detectives (isbn:9780349124100)
Charlie and Julia are certain that the sleepy village of Peddle-Worth must contain some mysteries for their brand new agency - The Milkshake Detectives - to solve. All they need to do is find them!
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Helping Children Think About Bereavement (isbn:978-0-415-53685-1)
A differentiated story & activities tp help primary children deal with loss
Literacy in Action: Football (isbn:9780415564854)
24 flexible lessons for ages 9 - 11
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Classroom Literacy Games (isbn:9780415615624)
Educational Games to play in groups or pairs to develop key language and social skills. Four way differentiated games to extend Vocabulary, punctuation and cross-curricular creativity. For ages 7-12.
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They Can Write - They just need a bit of help (isbn:1-904904-71-8)
Interactive ways to get children writing. KS2 photocopiable resource laid out in alphabetical order
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