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Children's author, Author of books for adults, Scriptwriter

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Adults, 5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2), 11-13 (Key stage 3)


I provide talks and workshops for schools and teacher groups. I like to promote the idea that writing is something that is enjoyable. Stories are about ideas: ideas are everything.

Usually I introduce myself to the whole school. I explain what I do as an author, what writing tools I use to help me write as well as I can and how I get my ideas. I read a story and explain how the idea moved into the completed story. A question and answer session at the end helps to expand things.

My whole school introduction can be followed by separate workshops. The writing idea is central. I am happy to work with every child in the school in large or small groups. I am happy to plan specific workshops after discussion with teachers or I can offer ಐoff the peg’ ideas myself. Whatever I do, I am keen to encourage the completion of the story, poem or play. If time does not permit this while I am at the school then it is the school’s responsibility to make time to finish it later. What is the point of an un-finished story?

I have many years primary teaching experience pre literacy hour. If you want someone to provide half hour ಐwriting tasks’ or ಐcompetencies’ I am not your man; writing is about doing it.

My adult play writing is an increasing source of joy and challenge. I particularly welcome opportunities to work with older secondary pupils or adults in playwriting and theatre.

We all love telling stories.

What if we all liked writing them down?


I have written 10 books and plays. Here are some of the children's books.
Gran's Gang (isbn:1-903569-00-1)
adventures of grans who didn't quite grow up
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Gran's Gang go to Spain (isbn:1-903569-05-2)
the grans continue their antics on holiday
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Naughty Lessons (isbn:1-903569-02-8)
Sally is so good she has to learn how to be naughty
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Teachers' Tales (isbn:1-903569-07-9)
Stories about some quirky teachers
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