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Adults, 5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2)

"'Thank you' hardly seems strong enough to express how I feel about the wonderful work you did in school today. You have inspired so many of our pupils and they were thrilled to meet a 'proper, live author', as one pupil told me." - Ravenswood Primary School, Suffolk
“Paeony was very engaging for all the age groups; she enthused the children to want to write and become authors themselves!”
Great Witchingham Primary, Norfolk

“We so enjoyed your visit and the enthusiasm that you instilled into our pupils.” - Heltwate Special School (students 5-15 years), Peterborough

"Paeony worked with Years 2 and 5 in one of our primary schools in a 'writer in schools' project. She developed great relationships with both teachers and children, inspiring both to write. We found her to be thoughtful and enthusiastic, often going beyond the call of duty to make the project the huge success it became. All the children saw themselves as writers by the end and they produced some wonderful writing. The project exceeded our expectations and this was all down to Paeony." - Jonathan Bond, Harlow Education Consortium
As a children's author I aim to enthuse a love of stories and words, regardless of ability. During childhood, mild dyslexia meant I struggled to write and I share my perseverance with primary school children because I know self confidence can be squashed if writing feels a futile battle. 
To date, my published books are for nursery and KS1, plus I'm currently writing for older readers (KS2) and enjoy facilitating writing workshops with KS2.  Also, for fifteen years I tutored courses on writing skills for teens and adults.

For a full listing of sessions please see my website. 

Many visits begin with a presentation to the whole school in the hall. Then the rest of the day is filled with classroom sessions, including storytelling, characterisation, story structure, imagination, and the power of words.


At present I have two early chapter books published, five picture books, six reading scheme books, plus various short stories for children in anthologies and reading scheme books. Here are a few book reviews:


"perceptive and reassuring picture book"
Book Trust on Hurry Up, Birthday


"...A touching story, depicted with warmth and humour, about two polar bears and the necessity of compromise in friendship."

- Primary Times Magazine on Best Friends of Not?


"... Moreish." - The Sunday Observer
"...a thoroughly delightful picture book."
starred choice in The Children's Bookseller
"...delicious book... One that Jamie Oliver would approve of too!"

Carousel guide to children's books on No More Biscuits


" ideal read aloud..." - The Children's Bookseller

"...wonderful lapsit..." - School Library Journal

"...a must have for all children's bookshelves."
 Waterstone's on No More Yawning


"... entertainingly shows the unconditional love of a mother but also shows that our actions have consequences. A great book to share with kids of any age." - Children's Literature (USA) on I'll Always Love You


"...A great read aloud story..." - Cinderella's Wedding

"...A really funny story, it flows beautifully..." - The Castle Awakes

Mrs Mad's Book-a-rama


I'll Always Love You was read by Grandpa on the Handyman Max episode of BBC Tweenies and is included on the Messy Time DVD. Plus it was even featured in an episode of the US teen musical TV show Glee!


No More Yawning and Best Friends or Not? have been recorded for CBeebies Radio.


When making any booking, please keep in mind that I live in Norwich, Norfolk. My rates are in line with other members of the Society of Authors. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to discuss anything further - I usually reply within 24 hours.


Here are the UK editions of my books. Many of my books have overseas editions and I'm published in sixteen countries, in thirteen languages.
I'll Always Love You (isbn:1845063422)
Alex Bear has broken his mother's favourite honey bowl. Will she still love him? A heart-warming book on unconditional love that has done well around the world.
View in Amazon
No More Yawning! (isbn:9781905294688)
Published 2008. It’s bedtime for Florence and Arnold and the yawns are getting bigger and bigger. Despite this, falling asleep isn't easy. Includes lots of tips on getting to sleep.
View in Amazon
No More Biscuits! (isbn:1903434920)
Florence, a small determined girl, and Arnold, her faithful toy monkey, have reached the bottom of the biscuit tin. Mum says ಐNo More Biscuits’...
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Best Friends or Not? (isbn:9781853409615)
Published 2008. Having friends isn't always easy as two little polar bears discover when they don't want to play the same games. Explores the give and take of friendship.
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Hurry Up, Birthday (isbn:1853408093)
Waiting can be excruciating when you're young. It's Bouncer the bunny's birthday tomorrow and he is so excited , he simply can't wait. Can anything be done?
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Hans in Luck (isbn:978-0198339397)
Retelling of a traditional tale from the Brothers Grimm. Oxford University Press Stage 4 reading scheme.
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The Castle Awakes (isbn:0750233028)
Fun early chapter book. The spiders in Sleeping Beauty's castle aren't happy when everyone wakes up.
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Cinderella's Wedding (isbn:0750028777)
Another fun early chapter book. The horrid sisters, Hiccup and Nosy, plan to foil Cinderella's wedding.
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