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2009 IndieProducer (US) screenwriters award
British Book Design and Production Award
Independent Publishers (IPPY) Award
Holmes Associates/Channel 4 Award for TV Drama

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I am a professional, award-winning writer.  I have five novels published, in both the UK and US.  My sixth novel will be published next year and I am currently working on my seventh.  I have ghost-written memoirs and biograpies for a large number of people, including well-known personalities in show-business, politics and business. I have also scripted seven graphic novels, written five screenplays (2009 winner of IndieProducer Screenwriter Award in Hollywood) and several dramas for stage, television and radio. 

Interviews: I have taken part in several TV and radio interviews on the subject of novel writing, memoirs, graphic novels and Shakespeare.

Tutoring:  I have tutored on all aspects of creative writing for several London-based colleges.

Workshops:  I have taken part in and contributed to gereral writing (fiction and non-fiction) and drama (TV and stage) workshops.

Shakespeare:  I am somewhat of an expert on the plays of William Shakespeare.  I have adapted many of them to graphic novel format for Classical Comics Ltd.  I have also translated them into modern english for students who have trouble getting to grips with the Shakespearean text. 

Commissions:  I am available for ghostwriting, fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting, scriptwriting, biographies, histories, reference and general writing commissions.

Travel:  I am willing to travel anywhere (GB or abroad), on payment of expenses.


"John McDonald has woven a brilliant narrative that combines anecdote and 'how to' with great skill and verve" - Literary Review

 "John McDonald has done a masterly job, brilliantly capturing a tone of voice that is at once threatening and droll, comical and surly, belligerent and rustic" - Mail on Sunday

 "Mc Donald has created a work of important social history" - Sunday Times

 "The unique voices in the memoir magically evoke a disappearing England" - Daily Mail

 "A vivid father-and-son memoir, co-written by the brilliant John McDonald ... The Last English Poachers is a raw and vivid picture of 'this bear-baiting bastard of a world'" - The Times

"McDonald brings a scandalous charm to The Last English Poachers ... as rare as hen's teeth" - The Guardian

"McDonald is an explorer of courage and a writer of immense talent", Irish Times.

"McDonald's prose is rich, thick and magically poetic",  Sunday Independent.

"McDonald has a distinctive and beguiling way with words", Books Ireland.

"The hugely talented John F McDonald makes powerful use of the unspoken, the complete objectivity of his writing has the effect of changing the moral basis for decisions regarding right and wrong", Leinster Express.

"McDonald is comparable to Chuck Palahniuk, Anthony Burgess and even William Trevor", Publisher's Weekly

"Strong drama in London.  Vivid, sympathetic characters, well-set scenes and a kind of passive menace", Soho Theatre.

"The impressive triangular relationship is sensitively explored, there is no sterotyping of attitudes and abrupt changes in emotions ring true", Royal Court.

"McDonald's work concisely explores various crises of conscience, while revealing the impenetrable barrier between those powerless to the point of desperation and those too blinkered by privilege to comprehend.  A searing antidote to other bland offerings",      Time Out.

"McDonald's writing is imaginative, spirited, vivid and convincing, even poetic - reminiscent of the American writer, Charles.Bukowski", St. Petersburg Times.

"McDonald's work is both interesting and fascinating", Yves Bureau, Rue Blanche.

"McDonald deserves an award...", comicbits online.

"The best ghostwriter I have ever worked with", Senior commissioning editor at Simon & Schuster 

I've had 5 novels published, with a 6th due in 2017 and working on a 7th. I've co-written 7 non-fiction memoirs, most of which have been best-sellers. I've also written several screenplays and works for the stage as well as award-winning graphic novels.
Hippie (isbn:9780992973131)
A Metaphysical Pseudo-Biography
View in Amazon
Street Girl (isbn:9781908730169)
Non-fiction Memoir
View in Amazon
Jack Bates And The Wizard's Spell (isbn:9781903500514)
Young-Adult Fiction
View in Amazon
The Last English Poachers (isbn:9781471135682)
Non-fiction Memoir
View in Amazon
Her Ladyship's Girl (isbn:9781471134111)
View in Amazon
Traveller (isbn:9781291620566)
View in Amazon
Missing (isbn:9780718179382)
View in Amazon
Borstal Girl (isbn:184983475X)
View in Amazon
Absolution (isbn:9780956511942)
View in Amazon
Letting Blake Go (isbn:9781910295007)
Expose / Biography / Amy Winehouse
View in Amazon
The Tearaway (isbn:9781849837743)
View in Amazon
The Boy From Treacle Bumstead (isbn:9781471113574)
View in Amazon
Childeyes (isbn:9780955650048)
A beautifully crafted political parody, set in the insider-world of Washington DC.
View in Amazon
Tribe (isbn:1931561060)
A blackly comic novel about Gypsies.
View in Amazon
Otherwise Kill Me (isbn:9780956211446)
Sometimes when you talk to God .. the Devil answers
View in Amazon
Talking to God (isbn:0863278566)
A harrowing novel about the devastating effects of schizophrenia.
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The Society of Authors.
The International Screenwriters' Association.
The Royal Shakespeare Company.
Alumnus Member of London South Bank University.
Reviewer for New York Journal of Books.

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