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2012 Baby Goes Baaaaa!: shortlisted for the Coventry Inspiration Book Award 2013
2009 A Lark in the Ark: shortlisted for Red House Children's Book Award
2008 Class Two at the Zoo: winner Stockport School's Book award
2008 Class Two at the Zoo: shortlisted for Coventry Inspiration Book award
Mr Strongmouse & the Baby: shortlisted for Red House Children's Book Award 2006
2005 Open Wide!: shortlisted for Red House Children's Book Award
2005 Giddy Goat: shortlisted for Nottingham Children's Book award

Adults, 5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2), 11-13 (Key stage 3), 14-16 (Key stage 4), 11-16 (Key stages 3 and 4), 6th Form and college



"What a great day we had! The workshops were entertaining, interesting, and really provided an insight into the world of illustrating and publishing children's books.The children were totally engaged in the sessions - you had them in the palm of your hand! Your ability to work with all age groups was a real bonus."
(Lisa St.Denis, Normanton-on-soar Primary School)

Lynne Chapman is an award-winning illustrator (and occasional author) of children's picture books, with 25 years experience and over 30 published titles.

Lynne has been travelling the country for the last 14 years, delivering workshops, storytellings and talks to children of all ages, as well as adults. She appears at several literary festivals each year and is a regular guest on BBC Radio Sheffield.

Lynne illustrates her picture books in pastels, creating humorous but beautiful drawings which bring a whole range of characters to life and burst with fun. Her visits are similarly lively!

(1 - 1 ½ hrs); suitable: 4 - 7 yrs (max 60 children)
Lynne reads stories with interactive activities (singing, dancing, rapping etc. depending on the books chosen to read). There is a break for a short drawing activity, if practical, and also a guessing game, where Lynne draws different animals for the children to identify.

Illustration Workshop (1 ½ - 2 hrs); suitable: 7 yrs up (max 30 children)
Lynne talks about being an illustrator, explains how a picture book comes about and shows sketchbook work. Lynne has various different workshop projects, all of which involve demonstration tips to improve the children's drawings and showing them ways to generate illustration ideas. Lynne then gets them thinking about how to communicate their ideas visually and everyone creates illustrations of their own.

"A magical day! The children were captivated from the start. Lynne was spot-on at reaching all ages and abilities. Wonderful storytelling and extremely interactive sessions, using children's ideas and extending children's imaginations. And we have some great illustrations to display around school."
(Marion Lockwood,
Adwick Washington Infants School)

'Creative Writing Through Illustration' Workshop (1 ½ - 3hrs); suitable: 7 - 12 yrs (max 30 children) 
A great way to get reluctant writers engaging with storytelling! Lynne talks about being an author / illustrator and explains how a picture book comes about. She then shows the children how to create an interesting protagonist and bring them to life through various illustration techniques. The children create their own characters, then narratives are woven around them, using drawing, before Lynne finally shows the children fun ways to begin turning these stories into text.

Powerpoint Talks approx 1hr plus Q&A (no max number) 

1: Picture Book Creation suitable: 7 - adult 
Highly informative, but lively and light-hearted. Lynne talks about her work as author & illustrator, showing how characters are created and evolve. She explains the process of producing a picture book, the roles of the author, illustrator, designer and publisher, and how the illustrations in picture books are affected by foreign markets.

NB decent black-out is required, as this lecture is extremely visual

2: Sketchbooks Rule! suitable: 10 - adult 

Inspirational talk, guaranteed to get everyone drawing! What to sketch, how, where & with what - Lynne shares all her hot tips. With drawings done all over the world, she shows how everything is a sketch-in-waiting and why you shouldn’t be afraid to draw in public.


3: A life in Pictures suitable: 10 - adult 
Lecture about Lynne’s life as an illustrator, from painting and textile design, through greetings cards then editorial illustration, and finally settling into of children’s publishing. She share’s the ups and downs of her career and show how she uses sketchbooks to keep a love of drawing fresh and alive, 30 years after turning it into a job. 

NB decent black-out is required, as this lecture is extremely visual

“Lynne was totally professional, well prepared, organised and completely in tune with the students. The sessions were informative, amusing, engaging and the students felt at their ease to ask questions. In fact, the whole event was a real eye opener for students and staff alike!”
(Ann Cocker, Norton FE College)


Lynne has done various training days with teachers and librarians, offering new ways to inspire children. She demonstrates simple but effective ways to use drawing as a means to aid creative writing and verbal storytelling, and shares her techniques for bringing the reading of stories to life.


Fees for 2015/16 are: £400 - £430 per day (plus travel expenses); £450 - £500 (plus travel & accommodation) if an overnight stay is needed.

Lynne does not do half days.

NB Lynne travels by train / taxi. Please let her know your nearest station, as fees are based on travelling time.

Resources needed on the day

Lynne will need:
A flipchart: vital for all sessions. Please make sure this is in working order, set up ready at adult drawing height, and has a proper flipchart pad, rather than loose sheets. Please supply a new, black, medium-nib, felt tip pen (a Sharpie or medium Berol are good). 

Workshops: a table or large empty surface is needed at the front for the things Lynne brings to show the children. 

Workshops & storytellings: if Lynne is in one space all day, she likes a table where she can create a display of books at the front. Blutack is also very useful.

Powerpoint lecture: Lynne will just bring a memory-stick, you need to set up a laptop etc.

Participants will need:
Illustration workshops: A3 cartridge paper, sharpened pencils (and coloured pencils for longer sessions), a couple of reels of sellotape to share, rubbers and sharpeners.

Storytellings: A4 paper, pencils and felt tips, crayons or coloured pencils
Writing workshops: A4 paper and pencils
Talks / Lectures: ears only!

NB: there is a pre-visit information pack downloadable from Lynne's website to help you prepare.

Book signing
: Lynne will sign lots of flipchart drawings for the school and will happily sign (and do individual drawings in) her books, but no bits of paper please!

Class preparation & follow-up: there are a great many interesting and fun resources on Lynne's website, with plenty for all ages, including short films of Lynne talking about and demonstrating her work. In the Learning Resources section there are discussion sheets, step-by-step drawing animations, colouring sheets and even a story-writing machine!

Lynne has over 30 published titles. You can see inside them on Lynne's website, and get an insight into how they were created by reading her blog at
Bears on the Stairs (isbn:978 1 84939 0286)
Going up to bed can be a problem if there are bears on the stairs. But are the bears real, or just a small boy's crafty tactic to delay going to bed? The latest hilarious romp from the award-winning team (this time with added claws...)
View in Amazon
Jungle Grumble (isbn:978 1 84812 404 2)
When Lion sets up a Swap Shop in the jungle, the animals rush in to change the way they look. But are they happy now? A very silly tale! Have fun spotting which body parts belong to which animal...
View in Amazon
Dragon's Dinner (isbn:978 0 340 94422 6)
Deep in the woods, in a cave inky black, a yellow-eyed dragon fancies a snack... This is a very funny, rhyming book with a cumulative line of chasing animals that kids will love.
View in Amazon
A Lark in the Ark (isbn:978 14052 2550 2)
A very funny & silly story, with flaps throughout, so you can play hide and seek with the Noahs and their animals.
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Giddy the Great (isbn:987 186233 675 9)
Eagerly awaited sequel to Giddy Goat: Giddy wants to be the greatest climber in the world. But one day he has to make a choice: win the Giant Pinnacle Race, or win back his best friend.
View in Amazon
Class Three All At Sea (isbn:978 03409 4466 0)
Exciting sequel to Class Two at the Zoo: Watch Class Three sail away, unaware of the pirates in their wake. Will they become captives or, with the help of the local octopuses, will they outwit the fearsome pirates?
View in Amazon
Stinky! (isbn:978 186233 716 9)
Stinky is a baby warthog who just wants to play, but he's very smelly and attracts lots of flies. Each time he tries to make friends, those tickly-quickly flies cause havoc and poor Stinky always gets the blame!
View in Amazon
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