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The Princess and the Giant
East Midlands Book Award 2016 - Geoffrey Trease prize

The Princess and the Peas
WINNER Oldham Schools Book Awards 2013, Shortlisted Stockport Schools Book Awards 2013

Welcome to Alien School
Shortlisted for the Red House Children's Book Award 2013

How to Grow a Dinosaur
Shortlisted Stockport Schools Book Awards, 2012
Shortlisted Oldham Schools Book Awards, 2012

Don't Dip Your Chips in Your Drink, Kate!
Winner Rotherham Children's Book Awards 2011
Winner Sheffield Children's Book Awards: Communitiy Libraries Favourite Book 2010
Shortlisted Norfolk Children's Book Awards, 2010

Rhino? What Rhino?
Shortlisted Portsmouth Book Award, 2012
Shortlisted Stockport Schools Book Awards, 2011
Shortlisted Sheffield Children's Book Awards 2011

Adults, 5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2), 6th Form and college


Currently taking bookings for World Book Day week 2018! 

(NB Other dates are available!!)

I provide fun, stimulating literacy days for nursery, infant and junior aged children.  I work hard to ensure my workshops engage the children (and teachers!), and inspire a love of books and reading.

When you make a booking, I will create a tailor-made timetable, and provide all the teaching resources you need to make the day a success.

My visits usually begin with an interactive, introductory assembly with story reading and a short presentation about my life as an author. 

I then work with individual classes on hand-picked, curriculum-based activities, based on my books.

For full details, photos, video, comments and testimonials, visit my website:

Or email me for a comprehensive Teacher Pack.

I am also available for teacher training workshops.


BOOK WEEK / WORLD BOOK DAY:  If you would like to book me for Book Week or World Book day, please contact me well in advance as my diary fills up very quickly!!

I have written over 27 picture books and young fiction titles for children up to 11 years old.
Knock Knock Dinosaur (isbn:978-1444928495)
It's fun to find a T-Rex on your doorstep, but when all 54 of his friends arrive, it's time to panic! This playful dinosaur counting book is jam-packed with chaos and silliness and is great fun to read out loud.
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Let's To to Nursery (isbn:978-1406361889)
A gentle rhyming book for preschoolers
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How to Win a Monster Race (isbn:978-0857079619)
When Albie heads to the car wash, he gets the surprise of his life! He enters into a monster race! Can he beat the cheating Maximillion in his monster truck?
View in Amazon
How to Save a Superhero (isbn:978-1471144783)
Can Albie the Awesome tidy his room in time? Will superhero friends Scoot and Rascal and super-villain The Collector be a help or a hinderance?
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How to Catch a Dragon (isbn:978-0857079596)
Albie's trip to the library soon turns into a fun adventure with his new friend - real live knight!
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Plunge into the Pirate Pool (isbn:978-1847388568)
Albie goes swimming, but what does he find? Pirates!! In this exciting adventure, Albie goes on a treasure hunt, finds a sunken ship and a giant octopus!
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Welcome to Alien School (isbn:978-0857072573)
It's another ordinary day for Albie. Or IS it? Instead of going to his normal school, Albie's mum takes him to Alien School where he learns space sums and eats space-ghetti. What fun!
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How to Grow a Dinosaur (isbn:184738594X)
Take one packet of seeds, scatter over the ground, water... and RUN!
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Supermarket Zoo (isbn:1847384773)
A trip to the supermarket opens a whole new world of fun for little Albie! Because this isn't just any supermarket - it's the supermarket zoo - and with a whole trolley full of animals on his list, Albie will never see shopping the same way again.
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The Princess and the Christmas Rescue (isbn:085763707X)
Santa is poorly and his elves are in a tizzy. Luckily, Princess Eliza is a clever inventor and happy to help. Can she help save Christmas? You bet!
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The Princess and the Giant (isbn:978-0857633880)
Princess Sophie is fed up of being kept awake by the grumpy giant, who lives at the top of the beanstalk in her garden. So she works out a plan to help him get to sleep, with the help of her book of fairy tales
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The Princess and the Presents (isbn:978-0857633026)
Princess Ruby really is a horrid child - the most spoilt princess you could ever meet. Find out what happens on her birthday and how she learns a very valuable lesson!
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The Princess and the Peas (isbn:978-0857631077)
When Lily Rose May refuses to eat her peas, the doctor diagnoses a severe case of Princess-itis and packs her off to live at the palace. But will a pea-free life of luxury be what Lily expects, or is home - peas and all - the best place to be?
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Whiffy Wilson, the Wolf who Wouldn't Wash (isbn:140830919X)
Can anyone persuade the adorable but grubby, Whiffy Wilson to change his grotty ways? Peew! Let's hope so! Learn the difference between good dirt and bad dirt in this funny rhyming book.
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Whiffy Wilson, the Wolf who Wouldn't go to School (isbn:978-1408325858)
Whiffy is certain that school isn't as fun as watching TV all day. But his best friend, Dotty, takes him by the paw and shows him just how wrong he is.
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Whiffy Wilson, the Wolf who Wouldn't go to Bed (isbn:978-1408332542)
Whiffy Wilson is far to busy to go to bed! Luckily, Dotty is on hand to teach him how much fun bedtimes can be.
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There's a Monster in my Fridge (isbn:978-0857076137)
Funny split page book with scary monsters doing silly things
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Prince George and the Royal Potty (isbn:1408339714)
Prince George wants to go on adventures but his nappy keeps getting in the way. If only he could work out how to use the royal potty!
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The Invincibles - The Piglet Pickle (isbn:0857636251)
Nell and Freddie Spoon visit the farm and come back with a piglet! What could possibly go wrong? Illustrated chapter book for emergent readers
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The Invincibles - The Hamster Rescue (isbn:0857637924)
Nell can't resit an invitation to Lucy Perkins's party, even though she has already agreed to go to Freddy Spoon's party on the same day! Add in a escaped hamster and rock band, The Zombies and full chaos ensues. Illustrated fiction for 6-9 yrs
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Foxy Tales - The Cunning Plan (isbn:978-1444909319)
Foxy DuBois is on a mission to get rich quick. Only one thing stands in her way - Alphonso the Alligator!
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Foxy Tales - The Road to Fame and Fortune (isbn:978-1444909326)
This is the second title in an hilarious new series for young readers from an award-winning author-illustrator team.
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Foxy Tales - The Great Jail Break (isbn:978-1444909333)
Foxy and Alphonso get themselves into trouble and land up in jail. Can they escape or is it a lifetime of sewing frilly knickers for these two hapless rogues?
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Catch That Rat! (isbn:978-1847389312)
A hilarious and ridiculous caper, in which a young girl tries to catch an escaped white rat.
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Don't Dip Your Chips in Your Drink, Kate! (isbn:140830497X)
When Katie P. Green goes to tea with the Queen, she gets more than she bargained for in this hilariously anarchic look at the tricky subject of table manners.
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Don't Put Your Pants on Your Head, Fred! (isbn:1408309165)
If your pants drive you potty and getting dressed is a disaster, then this funny rhyming book is for you!
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Rhino? What Rhino? (isbn:0340981393)
When Rhino escapes from the zoo to a farm he leaves a trail of havoc and devastation. When the poor farm animals end up taking the blame for missing food, clothes and toys, they decide Rhino needs to learn a thing or two about manners!
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