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Carnegie Medal, Guardian Fiction Award, Northern Children's Book Prize, Los Angeles Times Young Person's Book of the Year Award.

Adults, 11-13 (Key stage 3), 14-16 (Key stage 4), 11-16 (Key stages 3 and 4), 6th Form and college


I write mainly for teenagers.  My work covers the entire range for High Schools, from Year 7 to Year 13, and is widely taught in University courses on contemporary children's fiction. 

For feedback and testimonials, please see below.

For school students I can give up to three author talks in a day, lasting roughly an hour, depending on how the school day is organised. Talks are sometimes based on specific books or groups of books - for instance, I've written a number of books about contemporary life, and might use them to encourage students to see how books can relate to their own lives. My aim is to inspire students about reading.

I also give workshops, lasting one and a half to two hours, dealing with various aspects of creative writing - plotting, c/haracter, etc. You can find more details on my website -

I've given many talks and workshops over the years and have also tutored many creatiuve writing courses, at Arvon, for instance, and other venues. I'm happy to  travel abroad.

I charge £450 per day, plus expenses. I live in the North West and I'm happy to do overnights.




Some feedback from a recent tour I did for the Scottish Book Trust.

Inspiring Readers and Writers

The aim of the Book Week Scotland Road Show 2015 was to engage older teenagers who do not see themselves as readers, inspiring reluctant readers to pick up a book for pleasure, not just for exams. 


Teacher Feedback

 An excellent talk which really helped my pupils to engage with Billy Elliot which we have been reading in class. They also bought books which shows that Melvin Burgess has helped them to engage with more teenage fiction. He also gave them tips for their own writing which has really helped the pupils and reassured me that my teaching of the novel was correct!

Megan Brough, English Teacher, Arbroath Academy


Excellent event! Our senior pupils enjoyed Melvin's talk and it has encouraged many pupils to read his books.

Angela Macari, Librarian, Inverkeithing High School


The event was great fun and all the pupils really enjoyed it. They found Melvin very personable and all thought he was funny and that the books were interesting.

Lee-Anne Connor, Librarian, Chryston High School


Pupils were very engaged with the talk because it covered topics not normally addressed. They found it funny and engaging. It was the appropriate level for a senior audience.

Pamela Jannaway, English Teacher, Forfar Academy


It was a very enjoyable and well organised event. Our target audience was reluctant readers and it was very encouraging that so many pupils bout books after hearing Melvin speak. Melvin was funny and engaging and was a big hit with our pupils.

Chris Juan, English Teacher, Forfar Academy



Pupil Feedback

I had a really great time. Through the whole thing I had a smile on my face. He was a very funny and confident guy. I don't usually like to read but his books sound interesting.

Chelsea, 15 Arbroath Academy


I really enjoyed Melvin Burgess event and I also think that he is a very inspirational person. He has inspired me to read books and write more, I'm really glad that he came to Arbroath Academy to speak to us about his life and his work.
Aaron, 14, Arbroath Academy


I really enjoyed Melvin Burgess' author event and I found him really funny. I thought at the beginning of the event that it would be quite boring because I've never heard an author speak, but I actually found it very interesting listening to him talk about his career and books.
Rachael, 15, Arbroath Academy


He's a good author and I really enjoyed listening to him talk about his books. I felt the event was great and I had a really good time. I think I will have to read more of his books!

Morgan, 15, Arbroath Academy


It wasn't what I expected, I thought it would have been boring but it really wasn't! I’m going to try and read some of his books now.

Louise, 15, Arbroath Academy


It was very funny and I felt Melvin engaged the audience all the way through. He understood and connected with us well. Altogether it was a hilarious, engaging and interesting talk.

Mairi, 17, Inverkeithing High School


It was very interesting. It made me want to read more of his books because they were very relevant to people of our age.

Claire, 17, Inverkeithing High School


I had a good time and Melvin was really funny. I don't normally read but I bought one of his books and am going to read it He had a lot to say about his books and all his books sounded really interesting.

Megan, 16, Chryston High School


I really enjoyed listening to Melvin talk about his books and read some extracts from them. He treated us like adults and read stuff that other authors probably wouldn't.

Jonathan, 16, Chryston High School


I really enjoyed listening to Melvin as he spoke to us like adults and not like we had never heard things like that before. The books were aimed at people my age which was good considering what they are about.

Calum, 16, Chryston High School


It was very good! Enjoyed it a lot! Was very funny to hear about his work and stuff. I’ll be making sure to pick up a couple of his books!

Alana, 17, Chryston High School


I really enjoyed the talk and found Melvin Burgess really funny. It was interesting to hear about the opinions that he received about his books and his inspiration to write them. I would have liked to hear more!

Holly, 15, Chryston High School


I found the event extremely enjoyable. Melvin was very entertaining and humorous which made the event memorable and a lot of fun. It has encouraged me to read Melvin's novels, they seem to cover important and intriguing topics.

Rebeccah, 16, Forfar Academy




Rachelle, 17, Forfar Academy



I really liked the Melvin Burgess event as his books are related to real life situations and real people so others would be able to relate. It was a lot better than I expected as Melvin was very funny!

Chloe, 16 Forfar Academy


Melvin Burgess is an absolute top lad: he has loads of banter and his books are top shelf material. It was a complete belter of an afternoon. 10/10

David, 16, Forfar Academy


I really enjoyed listening to Melvin's stories and hearing about his influences. It was humorous yet it focussed on all of the serious issues that us teenagers experience.

Lori. 17 Forfar Academy


I really enjoyed the Melvin Burgess event. It was interesting and he discussed topics that some people would feel uncomfortable discussing. I loved how his books were related to real life experiences.

Kiera, 16, Forfar Academy


I thoroughly enjoyed this event, learning about his books and where he got his stories from was amazing. Glad he had a laugh with us about his book. Learning and hearing about the girls in his story was hard hitting but really good. Glad I went to this event.

Emma, 17, Forfar Academy


I though the event was very educational and will help us to develop our writing. Melvin got everyone laughing when talking about his book 'Doing It' as it had funny things in it which we wouldn’t normally get to hear about.

Euan, 17, Forfar Academy


Great! I liked the presentation because he was full of banter and it was educational too. Cheap books, signed by my main man Melvin.

Lloyd, 17, Forfar Academy

I have written over twenty books, that cover the entire range of High School students, including Junk, winner of the Carnegie and Guardian awards, and voted one of the Top Ten Carnegie winners ever.
Junk (isbn:9780140380194)
For older teens. Award winning story of run-away teens trying and failing to find their feet in punk Bristol. Sex, drugs and good times turning bad.
The Hit (isbn:9781908435330)
A new drug has hit the streets. Take it and you get the best week of your life - and then you die. Adam takes it, then finds out how much he really has to live for.
View in Amazon
Kill All Enemies (isbn:9780141335643)
Bad kids in thrown out of school turn out to be real heroes in their private lives
View in Amazon
Burning Issy (isbn:9781849393973)
For years 7 - 8. A young girl is accused of witchcraft during the Pendle witch trials.
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