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Awarded 5 Gold, at the International Grand Prix of Art in Cannes.
Second prize in BBC Bookshelf Short Story Competition.

Adults, 5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2)



'Anyone Can Draw'


Based on my book 'Draw Water and Other Things', I introduce drawing skills in a fun, non-competitive way. From space ships to hamburgers,   footballers to fairies, almost every object a child would choose to draw is in this book.

Most steps are limited to five for one subject. Nothing is too complicated.

I have done numerous drawing workshops with children from 5 upwards. I show them the book, page by page and explain how it works.They then choose any subject from the book to draw.

They do not have to work their way through the book.

Instead of starting on faces and people in action (at the beginning), they may choose to draw a castle near the end of the book.

After drawing several subjects, they then put them together in a more finished picture.

The remark I constantly get from adult onlookers  is,  'It's been so quiet for one whole hour !'

Sessions are designed to give confidence to children who feel they cannot draw and inspiration to those who feel they can. 

"Born in South Africa,  Linda Nissen Samuels, divides her working time between London and  France.

In England, she ran her own gallery in London, and her work has been exhibited at The Royal Society of Marine Artists  and the Sunday Times Watercolour competition. In  France, she has had several one-woman exhibitions, her next being in December 2013. She has won several international awards at the Cannes Grand Prix of Art.

Her African greeting card images for the safe water charity WaterAid have been very popular worldwide. Over 220,000 have been sold.

In art education she has trained early learning teachers in various colleges in London. Her after-school art courses are extremely popular. Many of her pupils have now made a career in art. Her passion is to give children and adults the confidence and freedom to do whatever they choose to do with pencil and brush

.Draw Water and Other Things is now on Kindle

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 Draw Water and Other Things Workshop with children who had not seen the book.

the author's philosophy on teaching drawing to children lacking confidence in the skill

Subjects Covered:

Why I love drawing and painting
How important it is to enjoy creativity
History of Art appreciation from cave painting to the present day. This includes the pupils making a time line using pictures provided.

Event details

Duration: From one hour with a book signing afterwards.
Technical Requirements: Pencils and Paper will be provided by Linda.

Ages: 5 to 11 Teenagers and adults, who feel they can't draw.

I am willing to do sessions with teachers and other adult groups.

I have done successful workshops with grandparents who would love to draw with their grandchildren (eg WI groups)

Contact and Booking: Please contact Linda direct to arrange a visit on

Geography: Linda will travel to a radius of up to 100 miles from London.

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Draw Water and Other Things (isbn:9780951175125)
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