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Nominated for the Staffordshire Young Teen Fiction Award 2012

Adults, 5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2), 11-13 (Key stage 3), 14-16 (Key stage 4), 11-16 (Key stages 3 and 4), 6th Form and college


I specialise in fun, enjoyable, interactive workshops for children and adults. As well as being an author I also work as a commissioning editor, so I have a unique experience of both sides of the publishing coin.

For children

My workshops for children can be adapted for age, group size, and type of event. I've spoken in many different venues, from large school groups, classrooms, libraries, bookshops and children's hospitals. (So far)

We have a lot of fun as I help the children to create their own story ideas, with a class that appeals to all the pupils - from the devout book addicts to the most reluctant readers.

The highpoint of the event is when I show the class the manuscript I wrote when I was 10 - with bad drawings and even worse spelling. This manuscript eventually became by debut novel, Boys For Beginners. The children find this very inspiring.  

For adults

Using my experience as an author and an editor I provide enjoyable, interactive talks and workshops for adults who want to write for children.

I can direct the workshop to your group's needs, in terms of group size and level of writing experience. I have prepared talks on Editing, Writing for Working Partners (a book packager), and a very popular workshop on writing commercial fiction: Fiction that Sells and Sells Well. But if you have an idea of a workshop of a different subject you would like me to run, please feel free to ask. 

I have spoken at many events including the SCBWI Annual Conference, Winchester Writers' Conference, Faber, London Metropolitan University. I also run an online Writing For Children course via The Word Cloud writers' community.  

Writing Commissions

I would like to hear about any and all writing commissions. Having written fiction, non-fiction, and worked as an editor for both adults and children I am qualified to write on most subjects, in most genres.   


I live in London, and willing to travel anywhere in the world.


Based on the recommendation from the Society of Authors

Secrets, Lies & Locker 62 (isbn:085738483X)
Locker 62 is the place where people at Mount Selwyn High hide their secrets. New girl Maya is allocated this locker she gets to read everyone's deepest darkests. But what should she do with what she finds out?
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Boys For Beginners (isbn:0857384821)
The closest Gwynnie's got to a boy is in a tackle on the football field. But that all changes with the arrival of the totally hot Charlie Notts. A funny book about friendships, family and football.
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The Cat Who Ate Christmas (isbn:978-1-51020-820-1)
It's Christmas and Jingles the kitten has knocked down the tree and torn open the presents. What else could possibly go wrong? Based on the true story of the Tesco's Tiverton cat
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The Boys' School Girls: Tara's Sister Trouble (isbn:978-1782069805)
Hillcrest High Boys' School is admitting girls for the first time, and Tara couldn't be more excited. New friends? Check. Cute boys? Check. Mean sister gone? Wrong...When she discovers Maxie is joining the school too, Tara is crushed. How can she be
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The Boys' School Girls: Abby's Shadow (isbn:978-1782069829)
Hillcrest High Boys' School has admitted girls for the first time, but with only ten girls in the school, it hasn't been an easy start for Abby, Tara and their new friends. With her sister still very ill, Abby's had it tougher than most. When she has
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The Boys' School Girls: Obi's Secrets (isbn:978-1782069843)
New best friend? Check. Cool band? Check. Simple life? As if. Obi's thrilled to be invited to join Sucker Punch - and to top it off Donna, the band's singer, calls Obi her best friend. The only problem is, Obi can't tell her mum about being in the ba
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