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Taner Baybars award for original writing in the field of science fiction, fantasy and magical realism. Awarded by the Society of Authors Authors' Foundation 2017.

Adults, 8-11 (Key stage 2), 11-13 (Key stage 3), 14-16 (Key stage 4), 11-16 (Key stages 3 and 4), 6th Form and college


Born in East London, Daniel now lives in Yorkshire, in a house built from the stones of a ruined castle.

Daniel is the author of The Firebird Chronicles series for children aged 9-12: Rise of the Shadow Stealers (2013) and The Nemesis Charm (2016), both published by Our Street Books. He is the recipient of the Taner Baybars award (2016) for original fiction in the field of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Magical Realism, awarded by the Society of Authors Authors' Foundation.

Daniel is currently Author in Residence at Beckfoot Upper Heaton School in Bradford, as part of First Story. He is also part of the Leeds Big Bookend Festival team, which he chaired from 2013-16.

Also a theatre director and playwright, Daniel is Artistic Director of Suitcase and Spectacles Children's Theatre. Their current production, an adaptation of his first book, is supported by Leeds’ Carriageworks Theatre, Harrogate Theatre and The Leeds Big Bookend Festival.

Daniel has written over twenty plays, specialising in journey-based performance and large-scale community productions. These include The Leeds Pageant (2007, for Leeds Minster), Two Lads of Leeds (2008, for Interact Church and Community Partnership), HEAVE (2009, for Pointed Arrow Performance), The Crossing (2010, for Left Bank Leeds and Leeds Light Night), The Tunnel (2011, in partnership with Bradford's Theatre in the Mill), Drink with a Chimp (2015, for Common Chorus Theatre) and Wind in the Willows (2016, for Renaissance Knaresborough).

Daniel has also overseen a number of community writing projects, including The Leeds Story Cycle (2014) and Stories from the Forests of Leeds (2015/6), both of which resulted in the publication of a book of short stories, published by the Leeds Church Institute and the Leeds Big Bookend Festival.

Daniel enjoys giving workshops and author talks at schools, libraries and festivals and has spoken at Bradford Literature Festival, Ilkley Literature Festival and will be an author at this year's Children's Reading Festival in Selby.

Workshops and Talks...

Fantasy Plots & Fantastic Plays

Author talk and Q&A with interactive elements and readings

Suitable for Key Stage 2 upwards. The session can be adapted for different ages.

Meet author and playwright, Daniel Ingram-Brown, and Apprentice Adventurers, Fletcher and Scoop from The Firebird Chronicles series. Hear about their exploits at Blotting's Academy, the place where story characters are trained, and listen to Daniel read from his latest book, The Nemesis Charm. Ask questions about the plays and books he has written, try on costumes and pass around props. Hold the head of the King, try on Mr. Bumbler's hat, discover more about writing, and compete for the prize for the best question!

This session is an hour long and can be shortened for an assembly style talk. It can accommodate up to three classes. Two sessions can fit into either a morning or afternoon period, with a maximum of three author talks in a day.

“It was excellent. The children were all engaged and inspired. The props were great and made the session really active! It's so good for the boys to see a male author.” (Year 5&6 teachers, Pinkwell Primary School, London)


Make A Monster!

A hands-on workshop to create your own fantasy monster and equip your hero with the skills and qualities needed to overcome it.

Suitable for Key Stage 2 and 3, particularly ages 8-13

From snake-haired Medusa to dark wizard, Lord Voldermort, the monster is one of the oldest and most powerful images in storytelling. In this workshop, Daniel uses ideas from his book, The Nemesis Charm, to guide the participants to create their own monstrous nemesis. Working together, the class will decide what it looks like, where it lives, what powers it has and what its ultimate flaw is. Through the process we will ask questions such as, What makes a monster? and Why are monsters so powerful in our imaginations? Then, working alone, each child will invent their own hero, deciding what skills and characteristics they need to overcome their nemesis.  

Daniel will give readings from his book, The Nemesis Charm, as part of the workshop.

This workshop is an hour long and designed to take place in a classroom with clear floor space. The session is for a single class. It can be combined with Daniel's author talk to make a longer session. Two sessions can fit into either a morning or afternoon period, with a maximum of three workshops / talks in a day.


Create your own adventure story

A hands-on workshop in developing character, world and plot to create your own adventure story.

Suitable for Key Stage 2 and 3, particularly ages 8-13

In this workshop, Daniel uses ideas from his book, Rise of the Shadow Stealers, to guide the participants in creating their own scrap-map story island, populating it with characters and challenging those characters with death-defying quests and adventures.

The workshop is punctuated with short readings from, Rise of the Shadow Stealers

Daniel uses objects, scrap materials and pictures to fire the imagination and equip participants with simple tools. Children are motivated to develop their stories after the workshop, putting them down on paper.

The workshop is one and a half hours long and can be combined with the author talk to make a longer session. It can be used either in a classroom or a hall, but needs at least half an hour set up time and fifteen minutes to pack away after the workshop. This session is for a single class.

“The room was buzzing all afternoon and Daniel really has the knack of firing children’s imaginations, especially boys. He helped the children to create their own individual stories whilst working in a collaborative way to build a wonderful island in the middle of the library. It was fantastic to see the children growing in confidence during the afternoon and being able to share their thoughts and ideas with their peers in a supportive atmosphere. Thank you Daniel!” (Wendy Kent, Service Development Officer at Knaresborough Library)


Why do we tell stories?

An interactive teaching session looking at the social and psychological role of stories and storytelling in society.

Suitable for Key Stage 4, 5 and adult groups

People from every culture and age group enjoy telling and hearing stories. It's one of the things that makes us uniquely human, but we rarely ask why. Why is it we have the capacity to imagine a series of events that is not part of our direct, current experience. In this session, Daniel Ingram-Brown will lead participants through a number of answers to this fascinating question, from examining the social role of stories in shaping our sense of what's expected and possible, to the popular idea that there are a set number of basic plots. Participants will have the opportunity to think through their own story and the way they represent themselves to others. Group discussion and practical work in pairs will form part of the session.

Daniel has run this session for young people, writers, therapists and theologians and it can be applied in a range of different contexts. The timings of the session can vary, ranging from anything from an hour to a full day. In the full day session, there are opportunities to apply the learning with practical creative writing sessions.

"Daniel has taught on our Workshop programme on a number of occasions around the theme of ‘Stories and why they are important’.  He is a skilled and creative communicator, he not only brought the subject alive for everybody but really got people thinking about how central storytelling is across the globe, their power and their influence on culture" (Noel Moules, Author and Workshop Course Director)


Creative Writing Workshops

Daniel has run a variety of creative writing workshops, courses, and collaborative scriptwriting processes for different age groups. If you're interested in booking a workshop, or would like to talk about the possibility of a longer writing project, please contact him directly. Past clients have included Leeds Minster, Common Chorus Theatre Company, Spacious Places recovery centre, St Aiden's High School, Harrogate and the Leeds Big Bookend Festival. Creative writing workshops can be tailored to the specific needs and desired outcomes of your group.

“A vital part of my recovery which supported my journey and boosted my self esteem…priceless!” (Spacious Places client)


City Fairytales

A hands-on workshop to explore the place where you live through the creation of a fictional map, complete with characters and short stories.

Suitable for Key Stage 4, 5 and adult groups

In fairytales, the forest is a place of transformation. It's a place people venture into, away from the established order, to confront the problems that face them. Solutions and new beginnings emerge from the forest. Taking ideas from Daniel's collaborative book, Stories from the Forests of Leeds, this workshop asks participants to imagine their home town or city as a forest. What sort of characters might live there? What stories might emerge? Starting with a map of the town, Daniel leads the participants to through a process of discovering the fictional world that lives just a hairs breadth from their own home.

"Interesting and thought-provoking, the series of story-telling workshops I attended, led by Daniel, had that elusive quality of actually inspiring me to write! Highly recommended." (Helen Sykes, Stories from the Forests of Leeds, Course Participant)



(See the discount options below for ways to reduce the cost)


Full Day (up to four one hour sessions) £375 +expenses

Half Day (two one hour sessions) £295 +expenses

Single workshop (one hour session) £195 +expenses

There is a £25 additional charge for the 'Create your own adventure story' workshop to cover materials and preparation time.


I love to encourage reading and would like as many children as possible to leave my workshops with a signed copy of a book. To encourage this, I offer the following discounts to workshop prices:

If 40 or more books are sold in conjunction with a visit, I offer a 20% discount on workshop prices. (That's just 20 children buying both books!)

If 90 or more books are sold in conjunction with a visit, I offer a 50% discount on the prices above.


For enquiries or to make a booking, email daningrambrown@live.co.uk

Feedback from children:
"It inspired my writing because there's no structure to what you write, you can just use your imagination. I liked his book. Ive written a story about the hat and the glove!" (Year 6 boy)
"It was interesting because he answered questions and talked about his plays through the props. When he answered the questions, it was in child-friendly language." (year 6 girl)
"My best part was when we were acting out the story 'cos Shayan has this massive moustache and Simran was a baddie. When he signed my book he wrote my name and put 'Bookworm' in brackets." (Year 5 girl)
As well as the books listed, I have written over twenty plays and have experience in touring and community theatre.
The Firebird Chronicles: The Nemesis Charm (isbn:978-1-78535-285-0)
Sickness spills from beyond the Un-Crossable Boundary. Can Fletcher and Scoop break its deadly curse before their old enemy takes control?
View in Amazon
The Firebird Chronicles: Rise of the Shadow Stealers (isbn:978-1780996943)
Something is creeping in the shadows. Can Fletcher and Scoop unlock their hidden past and save the Storyteller's lost treasure? A story of identity, family and re-awakening.
View in Amazon
The Firebird Chronicles: The Gell (isbn:9781326659103)
Enjoy exploring the world of the Firebird Chronicles series with this accompanying short story. Join the young Apprentice Adventurers as they learn one of the basic lessons of stories - risks have to be taken.
View in Amazon
The Firebird Chronicles: The Imp's Possibility Bird (isbn:9781326873820)
Enjoy exploring the world of the Firebird Chronicles series with this accompanying short story. Join the young Apprentice Adventurers as they stumble upon a strange Whooing Ceremony, led by a mythical bird and an irritable imp.
View in Amazon
Stories from the Forests of Leeds
A treasury of tales from differeent writers, re-imagining Leeds as a forest in a fairytale, beautifully illustrated by Si Smith. Curated by Daniel Ingram-Brown.
The Leeds Story Cycle (isbn:978-1291874556)
Seven short stories set on the day of the Grand D├ępart of the Tour de France from Leeds. "...moving, shocking, humorous, sad and hopeful." Dr Helen Reid
View in Amazon
We Have Conquored Earth! (isbn:9780857482419)
an anthology of new writing by the First Story students at Beckfoot Upper Heaton who took part in creative-writing workshops led by writer-in-residence Daniel Ingram-Brown.
Member of the Society of Authors

Leeds Big Bookend Festival (Chair 2013-16)

First Story Author in Residence

Suitcase and Spectacles Children's Theatre (Artistic Director)

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