Information for Authors

Terms & Conditions for Authors

  1. Fees
    All fees are due annually in advance and are non-refundable (except as stated in clauses 12 and 17).
  2. Renewal
    If payment is not received by the renewal date, your name will no longer show on author searches. If payment is made within 6 months of the due date, your information will be accessible to users again and your annual payment period will run from the date at which you renew. We reserve the right to remove you completely from the database if payment is more than 6 months in arrears. In this case, you will have to re-enter all your information if you wish to be listed again.
  3. Acceptance
    Advertising is only accepted from established authors. Illustrators are only accepted if they are also authors. We reserve the right to refuse any application. The Word Pool's decision is final.
  4. Use
    The advertising space is provided for your use only. It can only be shared with another author if we are satisfied that you genuinely write together and give talks together. You may only advertise your services on the site. You cannot sell books or other products directly from your space, but you can link your titles to and have a link to your own website.
  5. Accuracy
    You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information provided on your section of the site.
  6. Suitability
    This is a family friendly site so all your content must be non-abusive and suitable for a general readership.
  7. Copyright Clearance
    It is your responsibility to make sure you have the right to reproduce the text and pictures supplied by you.
  8. Contact Information
    You must provide valid contact information and keep it up to date. The majority of our communication with you will be by email.
  9. Data Protection
    By advertising on this site, you agree to us storing your information on our computers and displaying the agreed portion of it on our website. You must not include anyone else's contact information on your section of the site without their permission.
  10. Back-ups
    We recommend that you keep a back-up copy of all material you put on the site. The chances of a catastrophic loss of data are very slim, but there are computers involved so it pays to be careful.
  11. Removal
    We reserve the right to remove authors who put up inaccurate or unsuitable information, breach copyright or are the subject of complaints from site users. You will be given a chance to state your side of the case, but The Word Pool's decision is final. We reserve the right to suspend your name from searches while investigating the complaint. If no problem is found, we will extend your advertising year to compensate for the lost time, but we are not liable for any lost bookings.
  12. Continuity of Service
    We host this site with a reliable provider, but there are computers involved so we cannot guarantee a 100% continuous service and we are not liable for any problems or losses arising directly or indirectly from the failure of these services. In the event of a failure of more than 48 hours, you may cancel your advertising and obtain a pro-rata refund.
  13. Indemnification
    You agree to indemnify us and our hosting provider against all demands, losses, costs and claims resulting from any service provided by you as a result of your advertising on this site or from your misuse of our advertising service (including libel, infringement of copyright and offences under the Data Protection Act).
  14. Limitation of Liability
    The limit of our liability to you will be the greater of £200 or the cost of our services as charged to you in the last three years.
  15. Legal Area
    In the event of a dispute, this agreement is subject to English law.
  16. Variations to terms and conditions
    If you are not happy with these terms and conditions, we are open to negotiation on specific items. Please contact us.
  17. Changes to terms and conditions
    Unless restricted by prior agreement with you, we reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. No changes will apply to you unless we have notified you of them in advance, at which point you have the right to cancel if you are not in agreement with them. In that event, we will pay a pro-rata refund.