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I'm an author from Cambridge, UK. I've been writing stories since I could write – the 30-year-old adventure of Nutty the Squirrel and his mysterious home-wrecking visitor still sits on my desk waiting for a final edit. I have a degree in archaeology and have worked as a professional field archaeologist in several countries, but always continued to write in my spare time.

My break into publishing came in 2013 when my ‘Book of Storms’ trilogy was signed up by Hot Key Books in the UK and Henry Holt in the US, with the first and second volumes, The Book of Storms and The Colour of Darkness, being published in 2014 and 2015. The trilogy deals with the adventures of schoolboy Danny O’Neill who finds himself battling against Sammael, an ancient demon of imagination and chaos.

In both archaeology and writing, I've worked with students of all ages. With creative writing my approach is one of enjoyment and play - I emphasise that writing is not only a skill but also a source of pleasure and comfort, a way of artistic expression, and a tool for exploring and understanding both imagined and real worlds.

I'm available for events and school visits for students in KS2 and KS3 – when visiting schools, I prefer to run creative writing workshops (these can be adapted to suit students’ current areas of study), but events for larger groups are also possible. I give talks both on my writing life and on themes raised in the Book of Storms trilogy – heroism, fear and the joys of letting imagination run wild.

The Book of Storms (isbn:978-1471402982)
Danny O'Neill wakes one morning after a storm to find his parents missing. As he sets off to find them, he crosses paths with Sammael, an ancient figure of light and darkness, who will stop at nothing to silence him...
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The Colour of Darkness (isbn:978-1471403002)
Danny O'Neill and fellow outcast Cath Carrera find themselves drawn into the vibrantly-coloured land of Chromos, on a quest to save Danny's cousin Tom from Sammael's hands.
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