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I am an actor and director at a small theatre a few miles from where I live in Yorkshire in the UK.  I did work as a project and business change manager - very pressured and very demanding - but I managed to escape and now I write books.

I've always loved stories and story telling, so it seemed a natural progression, to me, to try my hand at writing and I started with short stories and flash fiction.  My first published story was in an anthology, which was put together by the magazine 'Ireland's Own' in 2011.

Since then I haven't looked back.  I particularly enjoy the challenge of plotting and planning different genres of work.  My short stories vary between contemporary romance, memoir, mystery and historical.  I also write comic flash fiction and have drafted two one-act plays that have been recorded for radio.

My full-length stories are all set in France where I like to spend as much time as possible each year.  I'm currently working on the follow-up to Messandrierre and an anthology of alternative fairy tales.

My 'other life', in theatre, began when I was child.  It has afforded me the opportunity to work on stage, handling many different roles from Shakespeare to Ayckbourn and Bennett and back again.  I've played both principle and supporting roles from comedy to tragedy, romance to loss, along with a myriad of cameo character roles in between.  I also work in film and televsion and regularly contribute to programmes on local radio.

I am available to talk about all aspects of my work as an author, actor or director.  Having travelled extensively in France I would be only too pleased to share my experiences.

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I would be happy to go anywhere. 

Messandrierre (isbn:9781910510759)
International Crime/Mystery novel
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Original Writing from Ireland's Own 2011 (isbn:9781908477361)
An anthology including 'Aunt Maggie'
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