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MY TALKS about 'Lives in Burma and China 1927-1951' and 'Stories of Survival in Burma WW2' relate to a country that was cut off for many years under the military government, and now in 2017 is seldom in the news and still remote.

THIS WAS PARTLY WHY I WROTE THE BOOKS. The other reason was that I had some striking original documents and photos in my possession. Putting them together involved presenting true stories in the context of the dramatic and dangerous history in the Far East.

I ILLUSTRATE MY TALKS with over 50 enlarged mounted photos of Burma, many taken between 1937 and 1966 by my aunt who worked there and travelled widely in the country.

ALL MY LIFE I HAD BEEN INTERESTED IN WRITING but had deferred it while I followed a career teaching the piano and violin, playing in orchestras and doing some charity piano recitals. Then in 2011 I had more time and started writing seriously.

IN 2014 AFTER THE FIRST BOOK WAS WRITTEN (then with the title 'Distant and Dangerous Days in Burma and China') I was interviewed by Richard Atkins on his breakfast show on BBCradioGloucestershire. He asked me about the process of publishing my mother's diary about her 700 mile escape through Burma from the Japanese, and whether this felt like revealing a personal account of introspective thoughts. The answer was that I had no doubts about including it because I believe she wrote it to communicate with others and it was an exceptional story in a very dangerous situation in a country which was later going to be cut off from the world for about 60 years. She and I discussed publishing it in some form before she died in 2006.  

I HAVE ALSO PRODUCED A BOOK that concentrates on the many photos of Burma (some were used in the other books).

I ENJOY TALKING ABOUT my two novels to writing groups and book clubs.


from:   Dr Rona Laycock, poet, creative writing teacher, editor of Graffiti and founder of Writers in the Brewery, Cirencester

Elizabeth Tebby Germaine headlines at Writers in the Brewery, 28 March.

'We were delighted to welcome Elizabeth to our meeting at Writers in the Brewery on the evening of 28th of March. She kept us intrigued and enthralled by her account of her writing progress and readings from her novel. It was lovely to have a guest who connected with the group and who was able to encourage and answer questions and who managed all that with great good humour.'


EXTRACTS FROM ALL MY BOOKS can be read on www.FeedARead.com on the history, photography, music and fiction pages

I AM BASED IN GLOUCESTERSHIRE AND WARWICKSHIRE and can travel up to about 70 miles depending on the time of the talk, please email etebby@aol.com


Books on history, piano and violin playing, and two novels (LIVES IN BURMA AND CHINA 1927-1951 currently being updated, will be available soon)
Stories of Survival in Burma WW2 (isbn:9781786970206)
four striking accounts of endurance and courage
HOW TO PLAY THE PIANO (GRADE 5 - 8) Book 1 (isbn:9781786970145)
unique scale charts, chord routines, ways into harder keys, effective arpeggio exercises
LIVES IN BURMA AND CHINA 1927 -1951 (isbn:9781786976901)
with true stories of escapes from WW2 and over 100 photos
HOW TO PLAY THE PIANO (GRADE 5 - 8) Book 2 (isbn:9781786970152)
developing practising skills, including many aspects of learning harder pieces
HOW TO PLAY THE PIANO (GRADE 5 - 8) Book 3 (isbn:9781786970183)
a unique index of over 600 graded pieces taken from list supplied by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
PHOTOS FROM BURMA 1937 - 1966 (isbn:9781786972941)
a unique collection of over 140 images
a startling theme lies at the heart of this entertaining book
JONATHAN AND THE WHITE KING (isbn:9781786976581)
an unusual story with a mystery at its heart
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