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BAFTA Award for best pre-school animation series
Sheffield Children's Book Award
Red House Children's Book Award
Coventry Inspiration Book Award 2012
Best World Day-time animation series (U.S.)
Pucinelli Gold Prize for Best European Pre-School Animation (Italy)
The Two Award for Best Picture Book of 2012 (The Giant's Loo Roll)

Adults, 5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2), 11-13 (Key stage 3)


Nicholas Allan is an author/illustrator of best selling children’s picture books, including The Queen’s Knickers, Jesus’ Christmas Party, and Where Willy Went. His books have won national awards and been translated into twenty languages. He is also the author of Hilltop Hospital, a book that has been adapted into a television series for CITV, earning him a BAFTA award in 2003.. The series has been shown in over forty countries.

Nicholas is an experienced storyteller and workshop tutor. His school and library sessions for Nursery, KS1 and KS2 include magic (he is a member of the Magic Circle), drawing, readings and fun workshops. He also speaks regularly at teacher’s conferences, book festivals and children’s book circles, as well as lecturing on creative writing at universities, colleges, and schools.

Nicholas is also the author of The Complete Guide to Gatecrashing. This book has launched him on a career as an after-dinner speaker, in which he talks about this and other of his books, illustrated with magic illusions. The book has recently been optioned for a six-part television reality show.

Nicholas has been Chairman of the Society of Author’s Children’s Writer’s Group, and has made many appearances on national radio and television. He is based in London, Waterloo, overlooking the Eye.

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Nicholas Allan is the bestselling author/illustrator of over thirty children's books.
The Queen's Knickers (isbn:0099413140)
A little girl's account of various knickers the Queen wears for social occasions.
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Jesus' Christmas Party (isbn:0099413140)
An innkeeper gets more and more irritated as guests turn up at night asking to see a baby.
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Cinderella's Bum (isbn:0099438631)
A girl is worried about her bum size. Little sister gives a historical perspective on the subject.
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Where Willy Went (isbn:0099456486)
Willy is a little sperm. Soon it'll be time for The Great Swimming Race. Willy prepares.
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Picasso's Trousers (isbn:9780099495369)
People always said 'No,no, Picasso!' when he did new things in art. But 'Picasso' said 'Yes!' Picasso's art simply explained using the true story about his trousers. (with flaps!)
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Heaven (isbn:0099488140)
Lily wakes up to find Dill the dog packing. He explains he's going away. An arguement ensues...
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