Carolyn Sloan

Children's author, Journalist

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5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2)


I worked in the features department on the original Queen  Magazine before branching out as a freelance journalist.  I started writing children's books when my children were small and we lived on a tea estate in South India.  One of my books An Elephant for Muthu is set in an elephant camp we used to visit.  

I have written fiction and non-fiction books for children of varying ages, and for reading schemes both here and for Harcourt  in America.

I am interested in theatre, my book Shakespeare, Theatre Cat is set at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford where I used to work.   The harassed press officer  in the muddly office who can 't find her phone until it rings is me!    


I  adapted my book The Sea Child into a play which was performed by the Yvonne Arnaud Youth Theatre at the Edinburgh Festival, 2015, and also at the Mill Theatre, Guildford.

For a number of years I have done school visits, combining talks with a workshop, sometimes based on one of my picture books Carter is a Painter's Cat.  The children make up and illustrate a new adventure for Carter, whose life is governed by an eccentric artist who paints him  afresh each day...   I like to to work with small groups, aged up to 10 and currently only at schools/librariesin the Guildford area.


I have written 30 books - some fact, mostly fiction for children of varying ages.
Victoria and the Crowded Pocket (isbn:0670891355)
Picture book about a baby kangaroo and her untidy mother
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An Incredible Journey (isbn:0749620463)
The story of Alcock and Brown's first flight across the Atlantic.
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The Sea Child (isbn:0330305948)
Sea-ghost novel for ages 8+
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Shakespeare, Theatre Cat (isbn:0333327136)
A kitten left in a theatre grows into a knowledgeable theatre cat
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Helen Keller (isbn:0241112958)
Biography for children
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An Elephant for Muthu (isbn:0370308972)
A jungle novel set in South India
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