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Shortlisted for the NDLA Flicker Tale Award 2011 (Winter Shadow)
Junior Library Guild Selection Autumn 2012 (Finn At Clee Point)
Shortlisted for The Manchester Fiction Prize 2013

8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2)


I have taught in primary schools for 25 years. My first novel was 'Winter Shadow', published by Barefoot Books in 2009. My second novel, 'The Court Painter's Apprentice', was published by Catnip Publishing. A third novel is now published with Barefoot Books called 'Finn At Clee Point', the first part of a trilogy. 

I love visiting other primary schools to run enthusiastic, active, fun days for pupils from year 2 to 6. I often use drama sessions to develop reading skills such as inference and understanding of character or to encourage creativity in fiction writing. The day (or half day session) can include opportunities to improve writing skills such as writing in role or character development. I have 'ready-made' sessions based on my own books but am more than happy to design workshops to suit an individual school's needs. Recent examples include helping children to plan, write and improve extended stories and publish them in hand-made books and using film clips to develop an understanding of writing techniques for suspense stories. In 2014 I ran a six week project working with a small group of talented year 6 writers to help them write and edit a short novel each. The school involved has since self-published the novels in an anthology and invited me back in 2015 to repeat the project. I can also work with iPads to enhance drama sessions or develop creative writing skills in children.
Winter Shadow (isbn:1846861152)
Maria lives with her grandfather in a small mountain village in the snowy north. One winter morning, she spots a small grey bundle lying under a tree, half-covered in snow - a wolf cub. What should she do?
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The Court Painter's Apprentice (isbn:1846471273)
'Paint what you see, Johann; not what you think you see.' This is the advice that Hugo, master portrait painter, gives to his protege, Johann. But Johann's talent for painting the truth runs deeper than anyone can ever imagine.
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Finn At Clee Point (isbn:1846864003)
When Finn befriends the Finer family, outsiders in a close-knit fishing village, the bonds of friendship and loyalty are tested. Finn learns something about the hidden past of the village and has to make a difficult decision.
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The Best British Short Stories 2014 (isbn:1907773673)
An anthology of short stories edited by Nicholas Royle
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Brace: A New Generation in Short Fiction (isbn:1905583222)
An anthology of short stories from Comma Press
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The Possibility of Bears (isbn:1903914396)
An anthology of short stories from Biscuit Publishing
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Arc Short Stories Vol. 9 (isbn:1900072211)
An anthology of short stories from Arc Publications
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